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The Goal of Bible Study

June 3, 2015 | by: Robert Pruitt | 0 comments

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What are you seeking when you study the Bible? Why do you want to know what God’s Word is teaching? It is true that for far to many who claim the name of Christ, the Bible is rarely read, much less studied. However, if you do spend time personally studying the Scriptures, what is your goal? If your motive is not to become more like your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then the motive is not what it should be. As a pastor who preaches expositionally, I must constantly examine my motives when it comes to my Bible study. The temptation is to study only to prepare a sermon, and to forget to prepare my own heart. Therefore several years ago I wrote out this reminder to myself and placed it in a prominent place in my study so that I would constantly be reminded of my need to prepare my own heart. Hopefully these words will be a good reminder to others as well:

No study of Scripture is to be purely academic. All study of Scripture is to be life altering, conforming us to Christ’s image. By necessity study includes an academic element, but biblical study cannot properly or profitably end there.

May you know God’s blessing and transforming power as you study His Word.