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Claim & Character/Contradiction or Communion

John in these verses distinguishes between the mere professor of Christ and the true possessor of Christ.

I.  The distinguishing characteristics of the professor of Christ from the possessor of Christ.  (1 John 2:3-5a)

     A.  The true possessor gains assurance through an obedient walk.  (2:3)

          True biblical salvation is initiated through faith, evidences itself in ethically upright behaviors made possible by regeneration and the presence of the Holy Spirit, and creates in the hearts of those who have believed a love that the worldl simply cannot know.  An obedient walk is the hallmark of salvation.

     B.  The mere professor grasps a lie to attempt to assure himself of what is not true.

          1.  The mere professor boasts but does not really believe.

          2.  The mere professor boasts what is a lie.

          3.  The mere professor boasts without substance.

               His life is void of the truth of God, the truth that saves.

     C.  The possessor gains love from God and gives love to both the Lord and others.

II.  The direction of the possessor is the walk of Christ.  (1 John 2:5b-6)

     A.  All professors, including both those who are mere professors and those who are true possessors of Christ, should test themselves by what John says here.

     B.  All professors ought to walk as Jesus walked.

          1.  The professor ought to walk as Jesus walked.


          2.  The professor ought to walk as Jesus walked.


          3.  The professor ought to walk as Jesus walked.