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Blessings in Christ

Oct 27, 2019

by: Robert Pruitt Series: Blessings in Christ | Category: Ephesians | Scripture: Ephesians 3:16

II.  Our need is to be strengthened in our abundance.  (Eph. 3:16b)  (The means of our strengthening.)

  A.  Reasons we need to be strengthened.
    ​1.  Because we begin the Christian life as babes and must grow to maturity.

    ​2. Because even when we are mature, we must continue to be nourished or else we will weaken and wither.
    ​3.  Because we face a strong enemy, Satan, and he would through any means, either overt or subtle, weaken us and overcome us.

    4.  Because we remain in the flesh, and the flesh fights against the spirit.

    5.  Because what is offered to us is too much to retain in our own strength.

B.  Resources God uses to strengthen us.

​    ​1.  Prayer

    ​2.  Scripture

    ​3.  Ordinances of the church.
    ​4.  The Holy Spirit.

III.  Our inner man must be strengthened.  (Eph. 3:16c)  (The depository of our strengthening.)